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7th October 2021 | posted in News

As Chief Executive of an organisation which is over 100 years old, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I like history.

It’s something which has particularly touched Railway Housing Association in the last few years, having completed work on a restoration of an engine shed from 1844 into affordable homes and now on site on a development which will incorporate the frontage of a former school dating back to 1875 and which included the legendary Stan Laurel as its alumni.

But it’s not just business which ignites my interest of history; I also have a personal interest too.

So, recently my husband and I were delighted to walk the entire length of Hadrian’s Walk, from Cumbria to Northumberland. That’s 84 miles officially although we actually walked 98!

We started in Bowness on Solway where the wall starts, following a night at the Wallsend Guest House. After the start you don’t actually see the wall for almost 30 miles, but the scenery is still very picturesque and sore feet and general tiredness are helped immensely by lots of little huts with snacks and drinks which you pay for in an honesty box.

We saw our first bit of wall on day 4 as we headed into the Pennines, which meant a lot of climbing. The running I do helped a lot, although it was nice to end the day in a wonderful country house B&B with the best in-room tea tray ever including home made chocolate cake. I felt I had earned it that day!

The following day was just as difficult but again we were rewarded by our 12 mostly uphill miles by a stay in a pub with its own brewery, needless to say we felt we had earned it that day too!

On we went through Newcastle to the end of the wall at, not surprisingly, Wallsend. So, from one Wallsend to another in 9 days!

It was a walking holiday to remember and sometimes it’s easy to forget about how much history we have on our own doorstep and how lucky we are.

Not that my feet would agree with that last statement!

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