Tenant satisfaction survey

12th February 2018 | posted in News

Letters and emails have been sent to all residents asking them to take part in the Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

The survey is being carried out on behalf of Railway Housing Association by BMG Research and three lucky residents could win £50 just by filling in the survey form.

The survey consists of 41 easy to understand questions with residents only needing to put a cross in a box to answer each question.

Questions include ‘How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the service provided by Railway Housing Association’ and ‘How likely would you be to recommend Railway Housing Association to family or friends’.

Anne Rowlands, Chief Executive of Railway Housing Association, said: “This survey is very important as it enables us to gauge the satisfaction levels of our residents and, perhaps even more importantly, provides us with feedback on how we could improve the services we provide.

“The survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete, so we hope as many residents as possible are able to fill in and return the questionnaire in the pre-paid envelope provided, or on line.”

The closing date for residents to return the questionnaire is Friday 23rd February.

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