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12th September 2016 | posted in News

Railway Housing Association is creating over £6 million of social value for its residents through its work providing affordable homes and services, a new report reveals.

In response to housing providers being asked to demonstrate the value of the services they provide, Railway Housing Association recently commissioned a specialist research company to measure the social value of its work.

Using the nationally recognised Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework, and following a survey of all of the Association’s residents, a number of material outcomes were identified for people renting their home from Railway Housing Association. These outcomes were:

-Safer home better suited to needs and lifestyle

-Feeling more included in the community

-Better more personal service

-Better informed and able to deal with issues

-Well maintained home by trusted people

-More included in decision making

-Reduced isolation

-Increased independence

-Increase confidence.

91% of residents said that their current home is better suited to their needs than their previous one and 95% indicated that they feel safe and secure in their home and community. Resident comments included:

“It's just right for me and my needs. I think I would search a long time to find anything that comes near to this.”

“I am very grateful to RHA for giving me control of my life again and for this I thank them.”

“Having my independence again has given me motivation, direction, coping abilities, organisation, plus happiness.”

“My outlook has changed in that I don't have to worry about getting out of bed feeling blue in this wonderful warm environment.”

The study found that for every £1 invested by the Association, £2.26 of social value is generated for residents. The £5million spent by the Association in 2015/16 resulted in over £11m worth of outcomes.

The value to the Government of Railway Housing Association’s work was calculated at £500,000 per year.

Anne Rowlands, Chief Executive of Railway Housing Association, said: “The evaluation demonstrates that we are achieving a considerable social value through our work and it’s pleasing to hear that our residents feel safe in their homes and communities, less isolated, and more involved in our decision making.”

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