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20th September 2018 | posted in News

An independent survey has revealed Railway Housing Association residents are among the most satisfied in the UK.

Every three years, many housing associations undertake a nationally recognised satisfaction survey known as the Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR).

Railway Housing Association has just received the results of its latest survey, which was carried out independently by BMG Research, and it shows high satisfaction levels among its residents.

Almost 50% of residents completed the survey, which asked questions about the overall service residents receive, how they rate the quality of their home and neighbourhood and whether they receive value for money.

The key results were as follows:

•91% of residents are satisfied with the service they receive (the research average is 83%), with 5% dissatisfied

•92% of residents are satisfied with the overall quality of their home (the research average is 84%), with 5% dissatisfied

•93% of residents are satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live (the research average is 83%), with 5% dissatisfied

•94% of residents are satisfied that they receive value for money (the research average is 83%), with 2% dissatisfied

•86% of residents are satisfied with the Association’s repairs and maintenance service (the research average is 78%), with 8% dissatisfied

•88% think that the association is good at keeping them informed, with 5% dissatisfied

Residents were invited to provide comments about the services they receive from Railway Housing Association and comments included:

“I have lived here for 20 years and never felt I wanted to go elsewhere.”

Railway Housing want the best for their tenants.”

“Railway provides very good services, they are friendly, and my bungalow is lovely.”

BMG Research didn’t find any service areas that need improving. However, satisfaction levels were slightly lower in York and the East Riding so the reasons for dissatisfaction given by residents who live in these areas is now being looked at in more detail and the Association will aim to address any problems.

Anne Rowlands, Chief Executive of Railway Housing Association, said: “We strive continuously to improve the services we provide to tenants and it’s pleasing to see such high levels of satisfaction among the people who live in our homes.

“It’s important that we keep improving further and we will be taking on board everything that was raised by our residents and seeking to increase any lower levels of satisfaction by the time of the next survey in 2021.”


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