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6th June 2016 | posted in News

The people living in our homes lead some very interesing lives. Here is just a small selection of some of thee stories:

Taff Jones

The fate of billions of pounds of oi,l and the environment, potentially lies in the hands of Taff Jones, who lives in Swanland, near Hull.

Mr Jones is a self-employed meteorologist who provides weather shipping forecasts for shipping leaving the Middle East carrying oil. The information he provides determines when the ships will set sail, with any predicted bad weather likely to keep them in port or seeking alternative routes.

Mr Jones trained to be a meteorologist when he was in the Royal Navy. He also saw action in the Falklands War of 1982.

Aged 67, he continues to work each day, getting up at 5am to chart the weather across the world.

Rod Crocker

Rod Crocker remembers vividly the day when his current home, in Stephenson Court, Hull, was offically opened, because he covered it in his role as a news journalist for BBC Radio Humberside.

Mr Crocker became a reporter aged 16 and during his career, mostly spent working in Humberside, he covered many interesting stories, including The Cod Wars, the opening of the Humber Bridge and the miners' strike.

Now aged 61, he still works as a freelance journalist for newspapers and radio.

Diana Jones

Since taking up bowling in 1991, Diana Jones, who lives in Cottingham, near Hull, has amassed numerous titles, including Yorkshire Women’s Champion and, most recently, Yorkshire Pairs Champion.

From April to September she is very rarely away from the bowling green, either practising at Kingston Bowling Club or playing in competitions, and just when the nights start to draw in she plays indoor bowls too.

A few years ago, Diana was diagnosed with lung cancer but, amazingly, was back bowling again just five weeks after completing her treatment.

You can read, in full, the stories abour Mr Jones, Mr Crocker and Mrs Jones in the latest edition of RHA News.



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