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8th January 2019 | posted in News

Whether it’s a few pounds, or hundreds of thousands of pounds, we can always count on Tracy Comerford to get it right.

As our Senior Finance Assistant Tracy plays an important role in helping to manage the finances of Railway Housing Association, whether it’s paying staff, suppliers or generally just ensuring the books are balanced.

She also makes sure that we have everything we need to run smoothly, whether that’s buying sticky tape for the office, a vacuum for a sheltered housing scheme or paying a contractor for building new homes.

It’s a job 39-year-old Tracy has made her own having joined us in 1998 when she was 19.

A lot has changed at work and home (two children to be exact) since then.

Tracy says: “When I first started, we had two shared computers, and no-one had email then.

“I used to have to stamp all our residents’ rent books by hand before they were posted out; and now everything is done on the computer.”

Despite being at Railway for 20 years, Tracy is certainly not resting on her laurels.

A few years ago, she returned to school to improve her GSCE maths grade and recently she successfully completed a Chartered Institute of Housing course in Housing Practice.

She adds: “The course gave me a wider understanding of the other areas of housing, which I am finding very useful.

“I enjoy working here; Railway have always been very supportive and flexible, ensuring you get a good work/life balance which is important.”

When’s she not at work, Tracy enjoys spending time with her children, which has also led to a new hobby, roller skating.

She says: “I joke that I only do it with my kids but there are a few of us roller skating mums who wouldn’t mind putting on the skates whether the children were there or not!”

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