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6th May 2019 | posted in News

As one of our two Maintenance Assistants, Sharon Worrall has her fair share of varied and interesting calls from our residents.

Whether it’s a problem with a boiler, electrics not working or even in one case, an infestation of ladybirds from Europe, Sharon, along with our other Maintenance Assistant Charlotte, is the person our residents initially turn to.

Sharon joined Railway in 2018 and works on a part-time basis, 8.30am to 12.30pm every weekday.

Before joining the Association, she worked for Health & Adults Services, North Yorkshire County Council, as well as the Centre for Process Innovation.

During a typical morning, Sharon can take up to 30 calls from residents reporting a range of issues.

She explains: “Residents can call to let us know they are having a problem with their boiler; or their electrics, or to say their guttering is blocked; it is very varied.

“We have also received calls to say there is a wasp or bees’ nest near their homes that we need to have removed.

“The call we received about the ladybirds was certainly very different. It was during the summer in 2018 and we discovered they were European ladybirds whose numbers has been boosted by the warm weather. It was explained as a natural phenomenon.”

Sharon says one of the best parts of her job is being able to help residents quickly.

She added: “If a boiler breaks down, heating and hot water can be restored within 24 hours, especially during the winter as this can affect elderly residents.

“In private homes you would be lucky to get anyone out within a week sometimes, so it’s nice that we can respond quickly to help people.”

When she’s not at work, mum-of-two grown up sons, Sharon enjoys spending time with her husband and indulging in their love of sport, particularly rugby and football. They are Newcastle United season ticket holders this year and also enjoy walking, cycling and being outdoors.

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