Putting his time to good use

19th March 2024 | posted in News

When an ankle operation meant Steve Summers had to spend months in a wheelchair, he thought he’d put the time to good use and take up painting.

Now, just a year later, he’s celebrating after taking bronze place in our crafting competition.

Steve, 67, has always been interested in art and liked drawing at school but after his parents said he’d never make a living from it he decided against art college and instead studied building trades at college.

“I became a self-employed builder and when you are working and have a young family you just don’t have time to devote to art,” said Steve. “I used to draw pictures for the children and then grandchildren but it was only last year that I really took up painting.”

Many years working on building sites and playing football took its toll on Steve’s body and he developed rheumatoid arthritis which required surgery.

“My ankle had to be completely re-built and I’ve been told there’s now £8,000 of titanium in there,” said Steve.

“I was really grateful for my flat because it is on the ground floor with good amenities and big enough to allow me to get round in a wheelchair. There’s also plenty of light so when I decided to get some paints to pass the time that was ideal,” said Steve.

He also likes the fact the flat is big enough to allow his grandchildren to stay over.

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