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19th March 2024 | posted in News

Caroline Hague’s wintry picture of an iconic landmark in her home city resulted in her winning our 2023/24 annual report photography competition.

This year’s entries were of a very high quality, but Caroline’s photography of snow swept York with the historic York Minster in the background was deemed to be the standout image by our resident judging panel.

This means Caroline’s picture now adorns the front cover of our Association’s 2024 calendar and is, aptly, the picture for the month of December. She has also received £100.

Caroline says: “I have one of the latest Samsung smartphones and am always taking pictures with it when I am out and about.

“I have lost track of the number of times I have photographed the Minster because it’s always in view when I pick up my husband, who works as a bus driver in York.

“That day in particular stood out because it’s rare to see snow like that in York, so I was very happy with the result.”

Caroline lives in one of our homes in York and works as an Audio Typist at York Hospital.

“I didn’t enter expecting to win because there are so many good photographs taken for the calendar, so it was a really nice feeling when I discovered mine had been chosen.”

We will shortly be releasing details of this year's photography competition which will be open to residents, their families and Railway Housing staff.

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