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21st April 2021 | posted in News

Next month I will experience my first virtual awards ceremony.

Railway Housing Association is one of seven organisations short-listed in the category of best development for social/affordable rent in the 2021 Northern Housing Awards.

This is for The Sidings, our development in Darlington which included the sympathetic restoration/conversion of a listed railway engine shed built in 1844.

We’re very proud of this development so it’s nice to have made the shortlist and now the big question is…..what do you wear for a virtual awards ceremony?

I am sure, like me, you have all been amused by some of the funny things that have happened during the course of online interviews we have all become accustomed to over the last 12 months. Like the child who came into the room whilst his mum was being interviewed by Sky News and asked if he could have a biscuit or the US lawyer who couldn’t navigate the cat filter during his Zoom hearing and became a viral sensation with his “I am not a cat” protestations.

Needless to say, I plan to be well prepared if our name is called out at the Northern Housing Awards ceremony on 13th May.

That means I will be dressed as if I was attending in person and there will definitely be no cat filter, although can you imagine people’s reactions if they saw my acceptance speech through the eyes of an animal! I for one do not want to ‘go viral’.

Later in the year, I may even get to attend a live awards ceremony because we also discovered last week that The Sidings has been shortlisted in the category of best urban development outside London in the Inside Housing Development Awards.

This ceremony is due to take place in London on 4th November so hopefully it will go ahead (I have learned to take nothing for granted any longer) and I won’t need to worry about what to wear (although I still will) or whether I remembered to remove the filter from my computer.

Either way, virtual or live, it’s fantastic to have been recognised by our peers in the housing world like this, and good luck to everyone who has been shortlisted.

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