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26th June 2020 | posted in News

Staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic

Important Information

Our members of staff will be continuing to wear face coverings, socially distance and use hand sanitiser to keep you and themselves safe.

When we visit your home, we would be grateful if you could also wear a face covering, keep socially distanced and open windows. If you choose not to and our member of staff feels unsafe then they will leave.

Doubly vaccinated people can still catch and pass on the coronavirus. To keep yourself and others safe, please follow government advice –

·       Open windows to ventilate your home when you have visitors

·       Wear face coverings in enclosed spaces

·       Limit close contact with people who do not live in your home

·       Wash your hands regularly

·       If you have Covid-19 symptoms, stay home and take a test.

The safety of residents and our members of staff remains a priority during the coronavirus pandemic.

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