Grabbing the bull by the horns!

4th June 2020 | posted in News

A call from a resident to report divots caused by an escaped bull is not something that occurs every day, but this is exactly what happened at one of our properties in North Yorkshire recently.

Catherine Hirst was returning to her home in Knaresborough after a day at work and was just about to get out of her car when she saw a giant bull outside her back door.

Wisely, she chose to remain in her car while she pondered her options.

Catherine, who works for North Yorkshire County Council, thought about making a run for the front door, but remembered she did not have that particular key with her.

After 15 minutes, with darkness descending and no sign of the bull moving, it looked like a long stay in her car lay ahead.

Thankfully, the bull eventually became bored, having had a good trample on Catherine’s lawn, and walked away.

Catherine then quickly ran into her house just in case he decided to come back. He didn’t, but he did leave “hundreds” of divots in the grass.

Thankfully the bull has not returned since.

Catherine says: “I had seen the bull before because it is in a paddock behind the house and it always seemed to follow two horses around which were also in the paddock.

“But it’s fair to say I was surprised when I got home from work to find him alone in front of my house.

“He’s a big fella so I didn’t think getting out of my car was a good idea and thankfully he got bored and walked away so I could get into my house.

“With everything that is going on at the moment I just had to laugh!”

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