Flower power

19th April 2022 | posted in News

Denise Atkinson is the first person in the history of the Railway Housing Association competition to win it three times.

Her garden in Mainsforth Terrace, Ferryhill, was chosen from a selection of photographs shown to residents who are members of the Association’s Focus Groups.

The judging was carried out anonymously so the Focus Group members could not have known that Denise was a previous winner; however, they determined that her garden display in 2021 was the best of the bunch.

Denise, who works as a mobile hairdresser, was recently presented with her prize of a glass trophy, flowers, and £75 worth of vouchers by Sahar Omar, Railway Housing Association’s Resident Involvement Officer.

She said: “I can’t believe I have now won the competition three times; it’s an amazing feeling.

“I spend that much time in my garden during the spring and summer in particular that it sometimes gets to the end of the day, and I have lost all track of time.

“Even in the winter I am either outside or growing things in my greenhouse or on the window-sills ready to plant when the time is right.

“And on my birthday or Christmas my family know to buy me anything related to the garden; I just get so much enjoyment from doing it.”

In recognition for winning the competition three times, Railway Housing Association have asked Denise to be part of the judging panel which will determine 2022’s winner.

Sahar Omar said: “We couldn’t think of anyone more qualified than Denise to help judge this year’s competition. The effort she puts into her garden is incredible and she is a great example of the lengths our residents go to make their homes look nice, inside and out.”

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