A perfectionist

19th March 2024 | posted in News

Meena Kiru first learned sewing skills as a girl growing up in Sri Lanka and readily admits she is a perfectionist when it comes to her needlework, undoing and starting again if ever she makes the slightest mistake.

She became a teacher and would regularly make all the costumes for school plays as well as clothing for her family and friends.

In 1991 after her husband had sadly passed away in his fifties, Meena moved to the UK to be nearer her daughter Sashi in York. She also has a son Nithy in New Zealand. It was in York that she first tried her hand at a new skill – quilting.

“I used to go to a coffee morning and a friend there had heard I did needlework and suggested I have a go at quilting,” said Meena. “It’s something I found I really enjoyed. In 2018 I had both knees replaced so can’t get out that much and I need to be doing something or I’d get bored.”

Word of Meena’s skill as a quilter has spread and she often gets requests from people. Her daughter gives her ideas and encouragement and takes her out to buy any materials she needs for her hobby.

“Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed taking on a challenge,” said Meena. “I always do things by hand, not a machine, and get a great sense of satisfaction when a piece is finished. It’s nice when people appreciate your work.”

Meena says she loves her apartment in York because there is light on all sides which is good for her needlework.

“I have a lovely view out onto a bowling green and its peaceful to look out and see people playing,” said Meena. “It’s just the right size for me and I get on well with the other people in the apartments below.”

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