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Transfers & Exchanges


As an existing resident of the Association your accommodation may no longer be suitable for your needs. If this is the case you may be eligible for a transfer to a more suitable property.

Transfer applications will be assessed in relation to the needs of existing applicants on the waiting list, however additional points are awarded to transfer applicants in recognition of the Associations aim to assist existing Residents.

If you wish to apply for a transfer to another property speak to your Housing Officer.

Mutual Exchanges

As a Resident of the Association you have a legal right to exchange with a Resident of another Registered Social Landlord or Local Authority.

Permission to exchange can only be withheld in certain circumstances and your application must be processed within 42 days.

Most Local Authority Housing Departments keep a mutual exchange register on which you can be included.

If you wish to be considered for a mutual exchange please speak to your Housing Officer in the first instance.

Please note that written consent for a mutual exchange must be obtained before making any arrangements to move.

Home Swapper.co.uk is the UK’s largest and most successful home swap (mutual exchange) service.

The good news is because Railway Housing are partnering with HomeSwapper this service is free to all Railway Residents. To join simply log on to www.HomeSwapper.co.uk

You can swap with another Railway HA resident or a tenant of another Housing Associations or Local Authority in another part of the country. If you need a bigger home, or a smaller one, would like to move a mile or a hundred HomeSwapper can help you find your ideal home. All mutual exchanges must be approved by both of the landlords involved before the exchange can go ahead but you can register to find potential swaps straight away.

Moving to Another Area

If you are moving to another area a government scheme is in place to help you find social housing in other areas they can be contacted by clicking www.direct.gov.uk/en/HomeAndCommunity.

You do not have an automatic right to move, and the organisation in the area you are asking for does not have to accept your application. Applications are usually only accepted for at least one of the following reasons: