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Residents praise Railway Housing Association's services
04 January 2010

Railway Housing Association’s 90th anniversary year has ended on a high after an independent survey revealed high levels of satisfaction amongst its residents across the UK.

The survey, undertaken by the Northern Housing Consortium, was commissioned by Railway Housing Association to see how people living in its 1,340 properties felt about their homes and the service they receive from their landlord.

And of the 74% of residents who returned the detailed questionnaire, the vast majority said they were happy to be a tenant of Railway Housing, which has its head office in Darlington and most of its properties concentrated in the North-East and North Yorkshire.

The survey, which all housing associations are legally required to carry out every three years, revealed:

• 93.8% of residents were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with their property

• Only 3.6% said they were dissatisfied with their property

• 90.8% of residents felt the actual condition of their home was very good or fairly good

• 90.9% of those questioned said they were satisfied or fairly satisfied with the area in which they lived

• 91.1% expressed overall satisfaction with the service they received from Railway Housing – this compares favourably to the average (80%) for other northern housing providers

• 82% of residents were satisfied with the way repairs and maintenance are dealt with, with 95.3% praising the good attitude of workers

• 92.% of people thought the rent they were charged was very good or fairly good value for money and only 2.5% stated it was poor value for money

• 88.3% of residents felt they were kept well informed about the things that affect them as a tenant.

The Northern Housing Consortium also made a number of recommendations how Railway Housing Association could improve the services they provide to residents, with the main areas highlighted for concern being:

• Of those residents who contacted Railway in the last 12 months, 18.5% were dissatisfied with the final outcome of this contact

• There was some unhappiness among residents about the time it took for maintenance work to start

• Area specific problems, such as car parking, litter or disruptive youngsters need to be addressed.

Anne Rowlands, Chief Executive of Railway Housing Association, said: “We are very pleased that the vast majority of our residents are happy with the home they live in and with the overall service they receive from us as a landlord.

“Recent information published by our regulator, the Tenant Services Authority, revealed that in the northern region the average for overall service satisfaction was 79.4%, so at 91.1% we are performing better than many other housing associations of a similar size in the area.

“However, we recognise there are further improvements to make and we have already drawn up action plans to address these areas.

“We have ended our 90th anniversary year on a real high but our residents can be assured we will not be resting on our laurels and that we will continue to strive to ensure the service we deliver to them is nothing short of excellent.”