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Association responsibilities

The Association is responsible for maintaining:-

• Central heating boilers
• Exterior walls
• Roofs
• Foundations
• Timber and joists
• Beams
• Chimney stacks
• Rainwater and soil pipes
• Sewer and external drains
• Gas, water and electricity pipes/wires up to your home
• Water tank in communal loft
• Lifts
• External decorations
• Decoration of shared areas
• Windows (excluding glazing)
• Doors in communal areas
• Door entry system
• Warden Call alarm system
• Communal television aerials
• Shared gardens, paths, walls and fences
• Shared grounds and parking areas

Window repairs
The Association is usually responsible for repairing the frames, failed double glazing units, hinges, locks and handles. However, you are responsible for repairing any broken glass.