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Ending Your Tenancy

Notice Required

Should you wish to end your tenancy, you can do so at any time by giving 28 days notice in writing.

If you fail to give 28 days notice you will still be charged rent for the full 28 days.

Keys must be returned on or before the last day of your tenancy. If keys are returned after the 28 days period you will be charged rent up until the keys are received.

Condition of Property on Termination

The property should be left in good repair and decorative order. You will be charged for any repairs resulting from misuse whilst you were a Resident. Any goods or belongings left in the property after the surrender of the keys will be disposed of and you will be recharged for the costs incurred.

Ending Tenancy on Death

It is the responsibility of the next of kin or executor to inform the Association of the death of the Resident.

Rent will only be charged up until the property is cleared and keys returned. Any outstanding rent owed at the end of the tenancy will be referred to the estate of the deceased for payment.

Transfer of Tenancy

Your tenancy can be passed to certain members of your family if you die. A joint tenancy automatically passes to the surviving Resident.

It is also possible for a joint tenancy to be changed into a sole tenancy and a sole tenancy into a joint tenancy. Full details can be found in section 8 of the Residents handbook. Or see your Housing Officer for further information.